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I visit your home and stay for as long as it takes to cover and cure every problem your dog(s) is having. A minimum of 3 hours, but it usually takes nearer 5.
For walking I use a combination of 4 very light pieces of equipment. It works like magic and weighs less than your average dog lead! No gripping of the lead, etc – just a calm quiet dog, following you instead of you following him/her!
I also work with people and children with disabilities. If they have a motorised scooter, I teach the dog to walk quietly by their side. A strong dog once pulling it's owners about can safely be walked by a young child (under adult supervision of course). Something usuually thought of as impossible before I step in.
I also do one-to-one puppy training. If I can show you how to proceed with your puppy you’ll enjoy a happy, balanced dog that doesn’t develop behavioural issues. I also cover diet for maximum health, calm brain, less vets' bills, no mounds of smelly faeces to pick up, etc. Every year I see hundreds of young dogs that go on to become fabulous companions that enjoy life to the full!
For basic training I go back to the beginning and show you how quickly a dog can learn with ‘Clicker’ training. They not only understand what it is you want from them, but it also strengthens the bond between you and helps your dog to become more confident.
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dog training in Poole,
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