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I see between 200 & 300 dogs a year with every behavioural issue you could think of, and then some! I have a very high success rate but success depends on owners following the rules, giving the dog plenty of mental and physical activities and having fun whilst doing it. There's nothing remotely serious to an animal! I'm always there for my clients after we've completed the session.
I have had interaction with every breed known in the UK, and also crossbreeds and bitzas! Regardless of whether they bite people, dogs or cats there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is not a problem I haven’t helped resolve, and it is all done quietly, calmly, and with compassion.
I defend dogs in court where their owners are being prosecuted under the DDA (1991), and to date no dog has been seized or destroyed that I’ve worked with.
I’m not going to explain how to deal with your problem dogs on this website. If you read a book on how to drive a car, no way could you on its completion jump in a car and drive it! There are a zillion books out there on dog training – all with totally different ways of going about it. Some are sensible, some OK, and others downright ridiculous! But as you can’t learn how to think like a dog from reading a book, I prefer to rehab your dog(s) in your home, then teach you how to continue where I leave off.
Dogs learn best when doing something they are interested in (and for a reward), just like we do. You get more pleasure out of each other if there's mutual respect.
99% are cured in an afternoon – no need for more than one session.
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