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I'm celebrating 50 years of working with dogs. From rehabilitating them, to grooming them, to rescuing them and rehousing them. Taking sad abused little souls and helping them live, long happy lives.
I'm on Radio Solent Tuesday 29th May 2016 (7.45am) to talk about my life with dogs.
Over the years I've met some fantastic people that have become lifelong friends, and also helping them improve their relationship with their dogs.
At school I wasn't interested in academics other than science. I would sit in the local park with my dog, and just watch and learn from dogs themselves.

I knew my life would be all things 'dog', and I've fulfilled my vocation for 5 decades.

This week I've had some interesting cases. From an older shut down Foxhound rescue that took a dislike to a family member, to a puppy GSD that was showing aggression towards its owners. Now the owners can move on, and enjoy their dogs but more importantly the dogs have a more fulfilling doggy life with more stimulation, mental challenges and fun!
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