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Jack Russell
too excitable
We found a telephone number for “The Bournemouth & Poole Dog Whisperer” on a piece of newspaper put on the floor ready for our puppy “Harley” to pee on, it’s a good job our training failed at that moment or we may never have found Marcelle.

Marcelle has without a doubt changed our future with Harley, a dog our daughter brought home to a flat. We thought that we could not manage in a flat but Marcelle changed all that, Harley knew who were the “pack leaders” in our home and he became calmer inside 20 minutes!

Thanks Marcelle for changing our lives.
A&T, Poole
constant barking from neighbour's dog

We would like to thank you for the invaluable help & assistance you gave in working with us and our neighbours barking dog.

Your understanding of the situation and your calm, enthusiastic approach has brought about a remarkable result.

What you have managed to achieve in a few short hours is an aura of calm and tranquility from a situation of near desperation, we are now enjoying our garden again.

We really cannot thank you enough and would recommend anyone that owns or experiences a dog with a behaviour problem, to give you a call.

With our grateful thanks"

Afghan Hound
aggressive with other dogs

Having struggled for some time with a dog which was becoming increasingly aggressive to other dogs, particularly when walking on lead and in confined spaces such as you find in training classes, I was delighted to have Marcelle recommended to me as someone with a real understanding of canine psychology. Before our consultation with Marcelle, I felt unable to continue with obedience training as I believe my dog’s behaviour was not properly understood, and I was becoming reluctant to take her to places where confrontation may occur. I found we were becoming more isolated and avoiding all of the dog walking places which had been an important part of my dog’s socialisation.

Marcelle has changed all of that! After one session with her I am now walking my dog with confidence in all situations; we no longer need to cross the road when I see a dog approaching. Best of all is that we are once again walking in our favourite places, mixing with other dogs and their owners.

Marcelle’s successful techniques are nothing short of life changing. We can now look forwards to a positive future with a dog it is now a pleasure to take anywhere.  

Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
over excitable, pulling on the lead

I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with an English Bull Mastiff. He's a very strong dog & his behaviour although not offensive was becoming very out of control. Since his session with Marcelle he has become a perfect dog. The clicker & recall training has been amazing & his walking on the new leads is so good that I sometimes forget he's there! I cannot recommend Marcelle enough!

The diet he has is fantastic. His eyes & coat are glowing & he is thriving on it. It is such a pleasure to have him & especially now he is so relaxed after his training. Marcelles sessions are a must have for all dog owners wishing to really enjoy their dogs. Especially the cost which I found extremely excellent value. Thank you Marcelle!

A&S, Bournemouth

Terrier cross
people and dog aggression

Hi Marcelle,

Just a note to say thanks for your help with Dave. It's been a week now and really noticing the difference in Dave. He's a lot calmer and seems more content. He's also a lot better out on walks with a lot less pulling on the lead and over excitement. Will keep working on his and our own behaviour too!

Thanks once again, SB, Bournemouth

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